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Featured By: was launched by CoursePeer Inc. as an initiative that aims to teach computer science and coding to 1 million Arabs in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, through an innovative game-based approach. ArabCode has partnered with governments and corporations in the Middle East (including Dubai Internet City) to deliver its programs. It has also delivered programs to refugees, and was praised by many leaders, including Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. is an interactive educational platform to learn professional programming languages and frameworks, which enables users to start developing their own professional, interactive web and mobile and applications. It allows users to watch videos, solve coding exercises and communicate with our professional mentors, 24/7. Users receive certificates of completion from CoursePeer Inc., and the platform provides an interface for corporations and governments to track their members' progress in an intelligent environment.
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Majed Al Suwaidi (Managing Director of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone)

"We are happy to have supported the CoursePeer initiative, which will foster innovation and creativity and support talent. ArabCode will give young people the opportunity to learn about important coding and give them the necessary skills to work in the sector in the coming years."

Fadi Ghandour (Founder of ARAMEX and Executive Chairman of Wamda Capital)

"In light of the global demand for more computer scientists and coders, CoursePeer's initiative is on track to become a major contributor to MENA's ICT employment, entrepreneurship and innovation sectors. This mega-scale initiative will help drive the region's prosperity and create millions of JOBS."

Emmanuel Kamarianakis, Consul General of Canada to Dubai & Northern Emirates

"It is great that ArabCode is leveraging Canadian technology to help unlock the potential of Emirati students wishing to participate in the digital economy. ArabCode is an example of how education and technology can come together to foster positive outcomes - and I am pleased that leading- edge Canadian companies such as CoursePeer are able to play an active role in supporting the UAE's innovation agenda."

Ilse Treurnicht, CEO MaRS Discovery District

"MaRS is thrilled that CoursePeer's ArabCode initiative is expanding across the Middle East and North Africa to build the region's future economy."

Omar Hamoui (Investment Partner at Sequoia Capital; Former President, Mobile Ads at Google Inc.; Founder of AdMob)

From his keynote at a conference in Los Angeles in 2015: "Our friends who are doing ArabCode, that's really impressive. Maybe the most important language that people need to learn is coding."

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