• We help startups startup by building Agile, Innovative
    and Lean products & solutions that let them focus on
    what they do best.
    Our team can help you go to market faster. Let us help you build your next product.

Our Services

We brainstorm solutions for tough problems and then develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) while continuously testing and implementing user feedback. We have a deep understanding of the early-stage startup culture as well as the enterprise world. This allows us to borrow the culture of agility from the startup world while building enterprise-level solutions. We keep the cost down to the minimum, cutting typical up-front consulting bills.

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Our technology is MEAN-friendly

Agility in the startup world is important. We use modern technologies and frameworks that help you achieve that. One of them is the MEAN-stack, a Javascript Fullstack for your next web and mobile application. It simplifies and accelerates the prototyping, development and release of agile applications.

Our Work

Our team and senior partners have founded and helped massively-scale successful ventures. Click on a project below for more details.